Handy Tips for Maintaining your Oven

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  • Cleaning. Clean your ovens regularly.  Accumulation of fats and oils can cause ‘smoke-ups’ when operating an oven.  Most of the time effective cleaning can prevent this from occurring.
  • Sealing. It is important your oven door closes properly.  Bent door hinges, broken seals or faulty spring can not only double your cooking time but cost you money on wasted electricity.  Have your door fixed as soon as possible.
  • Care for glass.  If your oven has glass surfaces, wipe down any spills, splats or mess.  Straight away.  Cleaning glass where substances have been ‘baked-on’ is not easy and can easily be avoided in the first instance.
  • Check heating. Most ovens have numerous heating elements for a variety of cooking functions.  If a particular setting is not heating, a heating element may need replacing.

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These tips are provided as general information only.  No responsibility is taken for treatment of appliances as outlined or otherwise.