Handy Tips for Maintaining your Washing Machine

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  • Check your pockets. One of the most common causes of washing machines not draining correctly is blockages.  The usual suspects are coins, hair pins, shirt collar tags, etc.  Most front loading washing machines and some top loading washing machines will have a pump filter which gives direct access to the drain pump where blockages can be removed.  Remember, ‘prevention is better than cure’ as blockages can sometimes damage the pump!
  • Use the right washing powder. If always use the correct washing powder designed for your machine.  If you own a front loader, only use front loading washing powder or liquid and use half the amount recommended on the package.  Failure to do so can result in oversudsing, leaking and computer board malfunction.
  • Bag ’em up. Always use a bra bag as bra wires can come out and damage your machine.  Using a bra bag can save you a lot of money in expensive repairs.
  • Don’t overload. Overloading machines will not only deliver you a poor wash result, it can damage your machine and cause premature ‘wear and tear’ to the bearings, drum and suspension.  Resist the temptation to overload!

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These tips are provided as general information only, we do not accept any responsibility for appliances treated as recommended or otherwise.