Handy Tips for Maintaining your Fridge

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  • Maintain door seals. It is important your fridge doors close properly.  If your door seals are perished, split or cracked this could be costing you money in wasted electricity.
  • Don’t use sharp objects. If ice builds up inside your fridge or freezer, don’t use knives or sharp objects to remove.  If they body of the fridge is damaged, gas leaks can occur or expensive repairs may be necessary.
  • Defrost regularly. Most fridges these days have a built in frost free system.  For older fridges, such as ‘cyclic defrost’ fridges, regular defrosting is recommended to prevent ice build ups.  (Please follow manufacturers recommendations for defrosting.)

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These tips are provided as general information only, we do not accept any responsibility for appliances treated as recommended or otherwise.