Handy Tips for Maintaining Dryers

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  • Clean your filters. All dryers will have a lint filter which needs to be cleaned every time you operate the machine.  Failure to do so will result in lint entering the machine and causing a fire hazard.  We recommend having your dryer internally cleaned from time to time so lint can be removed and heating elements checked.
  • Don’t overrun dryers. When your clothes are dry, stop the unit and remove clothes.  Unless your machine has an auto-sensing device don’t overset the timer on your dryer.  It is not a good idea to have clothes continually running in the machine once they are dry.
  • Hang your dryer. Often dryer can be wall hung using special mounting brackets designed for your machine.  Not only does this save space in your home but it saves you having to bend down to load and unload your machine.

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These tips are provided as general information only, we do not accept any responsibility for appliances treated as recommended or otherwise.