Handy Tips for Maintaining your Dishwashers

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Tips for caring for your dishwasher:

  • Rinse your plates. There has been a lot of debates over whether it is necessary to rinse plates or not.  Just remember, dishwashers are not insinkerators and solid food matter has to go somewhere.  If it cannot be dissolved and pumped out of the machine, most likely it will make its way to the drain pump or motor and cause a blockage.  Otherwise it will get stuck in your spray arms resulting in a poor wash performance.
  • Spray arms. Make sure the spray arms inside a dishwasher can turn freely with no obstruction, such as large plates, glasses or utensils, getting in the way.  Spray arms need to spin freely so water can be distributed evenly to wash effectively.
  • Dishwashing powder. We recommend ‘Finish’ powder as it dissolves easily and doesn’t cause oversudsing compared to some cheaper alternatives.  Remember, don’t overfill; the soap dispenser as this will lead to problems.
  • Servicing and Descaling. We recommend servicing your dishwasher every 12 months.  Filters and seals need to be cleaned, spray arms need to be removed and flushed, your s-bend needs to be checked and your machine will benefit from a de-scaling treatment.  You will be surprised with how much cleaner your dishes and glasses come out after a service.  We service dishwashers for $99 or $50 if we are already at your house servicing another appliance.

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These tips are provided as general information only, we do not accept any responsibility for appliances treated as recommended or otherwise.